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Seen on: 01/22/2017

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Anthropoid (2016)

Directed by Sean Ellis

War | Thriller | History

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In December 1941, Czech soldiers Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš parachute into their occupied homeland to assassinate Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich.

Length 120 minutes


Harry Lloyd | Detlef Bothe | Anna Geislerová | Pavel Řezníček | Charlotte Le Bon | Toby Jones | Bill Milner | Alena Mihulová | Marcin Dorociński | Jan Hájek | Hana Frejková | Sean Mahon | Karel Heřmánek ml. | Brian Caspe | Cillian Murphy | Jamie Dornan

Viewing Notes

Probably one of the most realistic war movies I think I’ve ever seen. Very tense and gut-wrenching.


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