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Rating: 7 stars


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Seen on: 04/06/2017

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Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Directed by Tom Ford

Thriller | Crime | Drama

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Susan Morrow receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband – a man she left 20 years earlier – asking for her opinion of his writing. As she reads, she is drawn into the fictional life of Tony Hastings, a mathematics professor whose family vacation turns violent.

Length 116 minutes


Lori Jean Wilson | Michele Dunn | Josh Ford | Amanda Fields | Chelsea Taylor | Nick Hounslow | Jack Wallace | Franco Vega | Carson Nicely | Janet Song | Maria Zyrianova | Piper Major | Peggy Fields Richardson | Tonia Marie Rosée | Lee Benton | Graham Beckel | Neil Jackson | Kristin Bauer van Straten | Imogen Waterhouse | Jena Malone | India Salvor Menuez | Zawe Ashton | Michael Sheen | Andrea Riseborough | Robert Aramayo | Laura Linney | Karl Glusman | Ellie Bamber | Armie Hammer | Isla Fisher | Aaron Taylor-Johnson | Michael Shannon | Jake Gyllenhaal | Amy Adams

Viewing Notes

Parts of this were pretentious and annoying but overall I liked it, especially the story within the story. Michael Shannon turns in another great, subdued performance that does a lot to salvage the film.


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