Johnny Wang Lung-Wei

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Movies logged featuring Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
Boxer's Omen, TheKuei Chih-Hung1983Yes05/20/2017
New Shaolin BoxersChang Cheh, Wu Ma1976Yes02/06/2017
Five Shaolin MastersChang Cheh1974Yes01/02/2017
Chinatown KidChang Cheh1977Yes12/28/2016
Martial ClubLiu Chia-Liang1981Yes12/21/2016
Lady Is the Boss, TheLiu Chia-Liang1983Yes09/16/2016
Shaolin & Wu TangGordon Liu Chia-Hui1983Yes06/04/2016
Kid with a Tattoo, TheSun Chung1980Yes05/27/2016
Young Vagabond, TheLau Shut-Yue1985Yes04/12/2016
Brave Archer 2, TheChang Cheh1978Yes12/27/2015