Personal Shopper (2016)

Directed by Olivier Assayas

Drama | Mystery | Horror

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A personal shopper in Paris refuses to leave the city until she makes contact with her twin brother who previously died there. Her life becomes more complicated when a mysterious person contacts her via text message.

Rated R | Length 105 minutes


Nora von Waldstätten | Charles Gillibert | Christina Konstantinidis | David Bowles | Fabrice Reeves | Khaled Rawahi | Yun Lai | Abigail Millar | Leo Haidar | David Bowles | Dan Belhassen | Pascal Rambert | Ty Olwin | Sigrid Bouaziz | Benoït Peverelli | Pamela Betsy Cooper | Aurélia Petit | Audrey Bonnet | Benjamin Biolay | Anders Danielsen Lie | Hammou Graïa | Lars Eidinger | Kristen Stewart

Viewing Notes

Not sure what I was expecting but this movie worked for me. It was raining all day in the Chicago; this movie is the ideal rainy day movie. Has the right tone and creepiness and damp quality about it. It’s a wild tale that I’d like to read some critical analysis to see how others put this story together.

Really like KStew’s chill character. Kinda what I’d expect her to be like in RL if she wasn’t an actor. And even tho I’ve seen her in a bunch of stuff I totally bought her character. Was totally absorbed into this story.

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