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Crash of Moons (1954)

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse

Science Fiction


A three-part episode from the TV series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger edited together and released as a feature for 16mm rental only. Season 1 episodes 21, 22, 23.  Episode 21: Rocky saves a space station and his friends when they are trapped between gypsy moons. Episode 22: Cleolanthe tries to destroy one of the gypsy moons with a barrage of missiles. Episode 23: Rocky evacuates the gypsy moon Posetta and stops Cleolanthe’s missile barrage.

Rated NR | Length 78 minutes


Rand Brooks | Lane Bradford | Maria Palmer | Nan Leslie | John Banner | Harry Lauter | Patsy Parsons | Charles Meredith | Richard Crane | Scotty Beckett | Maurice Cass | Robert Lyden | Sally Mansfield


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