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The Fifth Element (1997)

Directed by Luc Besson

Science Fiction

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In 2257, a taxi driver is unintentionally given the task of saving a young girl who is part of the key that will ensure the survival of humanity.

Rated PG-13 | Length 126 minutes


Michael Culkin | Vincenzo Pellegrino | Hon Ping Tang | Jason Salkey | Genevieve Maylam | Mac McDonald | Indra Ové | Maïwenn | Al Matthews | Julie T. Wallace | Kim Chan | Christopher Fairbank | Mathieu Kassovitz | John Bluthal | Charlie Creed-Miles | John Neville | Tricky | Lee Evans | Tommy 'Tiny' Lister | Luke Perry | Brion James | Milla Jovovich | Chris Tucker | Ian Holm | Gary Oldman | Bruce Willis


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