Sometimes I watch movies. My current projects include a 90s Rewatch Project (movies released in the 90s I haven’t seen since the 90s) and continuing my Childhood Movies Project. Two years ago my main project was to watch 100 Kung Fu movies.

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09/17/2019Corporate Monster
09/17/2019Martial Club
09/16/2019Balance Of The Force
09/16/2019The Director and The Jedi
09/16/2019Tokyo Ghoul 'S'
09/16/2019Angel Has Fallen
09/15/2019Battle at Big Rock
09/15/2019Whistle Stop
09/15/2019The Hitch-Hiker
Most Popular Movies
ViewsMovie TitleYear
9Trick 'r Treat2007
8Shin Godzilla2016
8Escape from New York1981
7Mad Max: Fury Road2015
7Star Wars1977
7Godzilla vs. Megaguirus2000
6Avengers: Infinity War2018
6Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015
6Mothra vs. Godzilla1964
6The Empire Strikes Back1980
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04/07/201906/09/2019Kinetic Visions: The Students of Hasumi Shigehiko
12/07/201812/09/2018CIG Film Festival
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