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Rating: 9 stars


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Seen on: 03/05/2017, 02/25/2017

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Get Out (2017)

Directed by Jordan Peele

Horror | Mystery

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A young black man visits his white girlfriend’s cursed family estate. He finds out that many of its residents, who are black, have gone missing in the past.

Rated R | Length 103 minutes


Evan Shafran | Jamie Gliddon | Matthew McCrocklin | Jack Teague | Gary Wayne Loper | Michael Amstutz | Caiden Vaughn | Lory Tom Thompson Sr. | Debra Barone | Avery Frawley | Mark Baynard Baggs | Christopher Knittel | Brad Spiers | Rutherford Cravens | Ben Ladner | Caren L. Larkey | Jeronimo Spinx | Jana Allen | Julie Ann Doan | Trey Burvant | Geraldine Singer | Lyle Brocato | Ashley LeConte Campbell | Erika Alexander | Zailand Adams | Marcus Henderson | Betty Gabriel | LilRel Howery | Stephen Root | Keith Stanfield | Bradley Whitford | Catherine Keener | Caleb Landry Jones | Allison Williams | Daniel Kaluuya | Melody Lane Buller

Viewing Notes

Holy shit this movie. If there was one movie I wished everyone I knew would see it’s this one.


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