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About Movielogr

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Movielogr is your free online personal movie diary! Using Movielogr, you can keep track of what you watch, rate it, tag it and add your own personal notes. Movielogr will keep track of all your entries and serve up a host of compelling stats that makes movie watching fun and interesting!

Movielogr will show you how many movies you've watched this week, this month, this year. Want to know how many action films you watched? Or perhaps how many movies you watched that were directed by Martin Scorsese, and which ones? Or maybe you'd like to know how many movies you watched that were released in 1986? Movielogr will show you all that and more, along with details of each movie you enter, including gorgeous poster art and related info, pulled directly from TMDb.

How Movielogr Came About

Movielogr was created by me, Ron Pringle. Since I was young, I've been an avid movie watcher, but in 2011, with some prodding from my friend Jay (@sleestakk), I joined an informal group called the Tallyteers (led by @Schofizzy) and started keeping track, tallying, the movies I watched. Another friend, @noahphex, helped me set up a movie tally site using code designed by someone else. Since I'm a web developer by trade, I immediately set about improving and rewriting the outdated code. After a few months of that, I figured if I might as well start from scratch and write my own movie logging site rather than put so much effort into trying to improve someone else's code. And if I was going to create this thing, I might as well make it into a service others could use as well.

With some additional encouragement from friends I started work on what would become Movielogr in the summer of 2011. I decided to use the opportunity to explore using some new tools and approaches including MVC, CodeIgniter and Git. After a long hiatus during the fall of 2011, I found myself with plenty of free time on my hands while I recuperated from knee surgery. I got down to business and started making Movielogr a reality and the result is what you're using now.

Movielogr really is a labor of love, designed to be used by movie fans just like me. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

A Note About The Tallyteers

Trevor Schoenfeld, a great, passionate movie fan from the Los Angeles area, runs an informal group of moviewatchers who tally their movies all year long. Movielogr wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Tallyteers, and it was designed primarily as a way to make it easy for others to tally their movies. So if you're using this site, you should definitely get in touch with Trevor on Twitter (@Schofizzy) and see about joining the Tallyteers!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Jay Hawkinson, Noah Lee, Trevor Schoenfeld, Pat Sandberg and David Mosher who all encouraged me, acted as beta testers and gave me invaluable feedback.