Movielogr - Track What You Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Movielogr?

Movielogr is a site for keeping a log of movies you've watched. It creates a wealth of stats for you automatically. The more movies you log, the more interesting your stats get! Learn more about Movielogr.

Can I change the star ratings?

Movielogr defaults to a five-star rating system but you can easily change that to a ten-star system by selecting it on your user settings page. Note: Changing from a five-star to a ten-star system has no adverse effects, as all your previous five-star ratings are matched to their ten-star equivalent. However, changing from a ten-star rating system back to a five-star system will cause some of your ratings to be rounded up a half star to match the nearest five-star equivalent.

What's a Tallyteer?

Trevor Schoenfeld, a great, passionate movie fan from the Los Angeles area, runs an informal group of moviewatchers who tally their movies all year long. Movielogr wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Tallyteers, and it was designed primarily as a way to make it easy for others to tally their movies.

If you're logging your movies in Movielogr you're 9/10ths of the way to being a Tallyteer already! All you need to do is edit your user settings to indicate you're a Tallyteer and get in touch with Trevor on Twitter (@Schofizzy) and let him know. once you've joined, don't forget to tweet your monthly film stats with the hashtag #tallyteers on Twitter.

How can I request a feature?

Easy! Just email with the title "Feature Request" and let us know what your idea is.

Is there a list of planned features?

Yes, there is! Just visit the Roadmap to see what we've got planned for the future.

Where do you get your data?

Data related to movies is pulled from The Movie Database (TMDb), a free source of movie data.

The movie I entered is missing stuff!

Movielogr depends on TMDb for its movie data. If a movie you entered is missing a poster, director, cast, etc. it's because that data hasn't been entered in TMDb. The good news is you can fix this all by yourself! Just visit, register for an account, and go edit the entry. Movielogr will automatically update your listing the next time you visit it. Note that it can take as long as 24 hours for changes in TMDb to take effect. If you don't see your changes reflected in Movielogr immediately, that's why.

The movie I watched doesn't exist!

When you enter a movie in Movielogr, it tries to match the title name to an existing movie in TMDb. If the movie has never been entered in TMDb, it won't find anything to match. In that case you should probably go enter the movie in TMDb before logging it in Movielogr. It should then show up within the next 24 hours. You can log the movie in Movielogr before entering it in TMDb but you'll have to edit your Movielogr entry later if you want it to match up with the entry in TMDb.

Are you going to charge for Movielogr?

I have no current plans to charge for Movielogr. That's not to say I don't want to make money off of it. I'm investigating different ways to do that.

Can I get my data out of Movielogr?

Not yet. Your data belongs to you and I believe you should be able to export your data from Movielogr at any time you wish. To that end, I do have plans to add an export function that will allow you to get a CSV file of all your Movielogr data.

Can I import my data from IMDb, TMDb, Netflix, etc?

Not yet. If there's enough interest I may consider building import tools into Movielogr though.

How do I report a bug or error?

Email You can also send me a message on twitter @Movielogr. In either case, please be patient, I'm a working stiff with a day job, so I don't always get to my Movielogr emails/tweets as quickly as I'd like.