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10/16/2019The Bad Batch
10/16/2019Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness
10/14/2019All the Creatures Were Stirring
10/13/2019Summer of 84
10/10/2019Blood & Donuts
10/09/2019Most Beautiful Island
10/08/2019The Perfection
10/06/2019Tigers Are Not Afraid
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ViewsMovie TitleYear
3The Texas Chain Saw Massacre1974
2Swiss Army Man2016
2Turbo Kid2015
2Death Line1972
2Mad Max: Fury Road2015
2The Book of Life2014
2Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory1971
2The Raid 22014
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10/01/201910/31/201931 Days of Horror
10/21/201710/21/2017Tomorrow Romance Halloween Horrorthon 2017
10/12/201710/15/2017Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2017
07/13/201708/02/2017Fantasia 2017
10/29/201610/29/2016Tomorrow Romance Halloween Horror Marathon
10/15/201610/16/2016Music Box of Horrors 2016
10/01/201610/31/201631 Days of October
12/12/201512/12/2015Terror In The Aisles 2015
10/24/201510/25/2015Music Box of Horrors 2015
10/01/201510/31/201531 in October

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