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archstanton43 has logged 50 movies that were tagged with “movie marathon.”

Movies tagged with “movie marathon”
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedViewed On
Island of Lost SoulsErle C. Kenton193210/19/2013
The ItchingDianne Bellino201610/15/2016
Just Before DawnJeff Lieberman198110/12/2014
King Kong vs. GodzillaIshirĊ Honda196204/12/2014
LegendRidley Scott198504/12/2014
Lips of BloodJean Rollin197510/21/2017
The Man They Could Not HangNick Grinde193910/11/2014
Maniac Cop 2William Lustig199010/19/2013
The ManitouWilliam Girdler197810/19/2013
The MummyKarl Freund193210/21/2017