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The Fourth Man (1983)

Directed by Paul Verhoeven

Drama | Mystery | Thriller

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An alcoholic writer begins having visions apparently warning him of impending danger. After he delivers a lecture, he begins an affair with a woman from the audience. The visions intensify, however, and begin to threaten his relationship with the woman, since it may be her the visions are warning against.

Length 102 minutes


Guus van der Made | Paul Nygaard | Hedda Lornie | Filip Bolluyt | Erik J. Meijer | Ursul de Geer | Hero Muller | Caroline de Beus | Hans Veerman | Geert de Jong | Dolf de Vries | Thom Hoffman | Reinout Bussemaker | Jeroen Krabbé | Renée Soutendijk


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