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Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure (2011)

Directed by Matthew Bate


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In 1987, Eddie Lee Sausage and Mitch Deprey recorded the nightly squabbles of their over-the-top neighbors, homophobic Raymond Huffman and proudly gay Peter Haskett, and the chronicle of the pair’s bizarre existence soon took on a life of its own. This darkly funny documentary checks in with former punks Eddie and Mitch, who detail their late-‘80s Lower Haight surroundings, and surveys the tapes’ influence on an array of underground artists.

Rated NR | Length 90 minutes


Eddie Lee Sausage | Henry S. Rosenthal | Mike Mitchell | Raymond Huffman | Peter Haskett | Mitch Deprey | Daniel Clowes | Ivan Brunetti


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