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Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)

Directed by Park Chan-wook

Crime | Drama

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This is the story of Ryu, a deaf man, and his sister, who requires a kidney transplant. Ryu’s boss, Park, has just laid him off, and in order to afford the transplant, Ryu and his girlfriend develop a plan to kidnap Park’s daughter. Things go horribly wrong, and the situation spirals rapidly into a cycle of violence and revenge.

Rated R | Length 121 minutes


吳光祿 | Lee Kan-hie | Masashi Fujimoto | Ryoo Seung-bum | Ryoo Seung-wan | Jung Jae-young | Ki Joo-bong | Kim Se-dong | Lee Dae-yeon | Han Bo-bae | Im Ji-eun | Bae Doo-na | Shin Ha-kyun | Song Kang-ho


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