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Seen on: 01/29/2012

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Hardbodies (1984)

Directed by Mark Griffiths


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Three middle-aged daddies visit California to have a marvelous time at the beach. When they learn that a nice apartment and an expensive cabriolet isn’t enough for them to score with the chicks, they employ a student to help them. At first he’s as disgusted of them and his job as his girlfriend, but soon they find out how to use the situation to everyone’s benefit.

Rated R | Length 88 minutes


Courtney Gains | Joyce Jameson | Marcia Karr | Michael Miller | Kane Hodder | Crystal Shaw | Kathleen Kinmont | Roberta Collins | Grant Cramer | Darcy DeMoss | Kristi Somers | Leslee Bremmer | Teal Roberts | Antony Ponzini | Gary Wood | Sorrells Pickard | Marvin Katzoff | Cindy Silver | Kip Waldo | Jackie Easton | Michael Rapport

Viewing Notes

I remember seeing this when I was younger and yeah, its full of hot nubile Californian women. But back in the day it was easier to relate to the younger guys trying to scam on the chicks, but now its easier to feel like the creepy old guys that pay the young guys to learn how to hit on the Hardbodies.

Bad jokes abound, but it still has a nice charm to it for a late night, boobalicious comedy.


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