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The Cottage (2008)

Directed by Paul Andrew Williams


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In a remote part of the countryside, a bungled kidnapping turns into a living nightmare for four central characters when they cross paths with a psychopathic farmer and all hell breaks loose.

Length 92 minutes


Eden Watson | James Bierman | Georgia Groome | Katy Murphy | Dave Legeno | Doug Bradley | Simon Schatzberger | Jonathan Chan-Pensley | Logan Wong | Danny Nussbaum | Jennifer Ellison | Cat Meacher | Steven O'Donnell | Reece Shearsmith | Andy Serkis

Viewing Notes

THE COTTAGE is a semi-charming comedy/horror starring an non-motion captures Andy Serkis.

It’s strengths are witty banter and the way it plays with the “crazy deformed killer on a farm” genre.

Some laughs, some gore, even a PREDATOR “spine rip” scene. Decent midnight movie material.


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