B-Fest 2017

Attended by sleestakk

13 movies were watched during B-Fest 2017


B-Fest is a 24-hour marathon of b-movies held by A&O Productions each year in January at Northwestern University's Norris University Center McCormick Auditorium in Evanston, Illinois. B-Fest has been likened to an audience-participation version of an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000; viewers are encouraged to voice their opinions of onscreen events, especially if such comments provide entertainment for the other festival attendees. Additional staples of B-Fest gatherings are the midnight screening of Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, door prizes from our sponsors, the Northwestern B-Fest Players (who occasionally mount the stage to bring their own theatrical spin to the proceedings), and of course, the sing-along version of The Wizard of Speed and Time on 16mm forwards and backwards.

Movies viewed during B-Fest 2017
Action JacksonCraig R. Baxley
Battlefield EarthRoger Christian
Bloodlust!Ralph Brooke
Empire of the AntsBert I. Gordon
Future HuntersCirio H. Santiago
The Gong Show MovieChuck Barris
GorgoEugène Lourié
Hercules in New YorkArthur Allan Seidelman
The Last DragonMichael Schultz
The Magic SwordBert I. Gordon
Malibu ExpressAndy Sidaris
Plan 9 from Outer SpaceEdward D. Wood Jr.
The Wizard of Speed and TimeMike Jittlov