Music Box of Horrors 2017

Attended by sleestakk

10 movies were watched during Music Box of Horrors 2017


24 hour horror movie marathon at the Music Box. Join us for this year's incarnation of the MUSIC BOX OF HORRORS as we swiftly descend into madness through the exploits of zombified police run-ins and adolescent lycanthropy, dizzying dives into the wicked seductions of the occult, uber-degradation of the otherwise-sane mind-scape, nuns in a water-locked convent, and oh-so much more.

Movies viewed during Music Box of Horrors 2017
The Cat and the CanaryPaul Leni
Dark WatersMariano Baino
The FunhouseTobe Hooper
Ginger SnapsJohn Fawcett
Great ChoiceRobin Comisar
HellraiserClive Barker
In the Mouth of MadnessJohn Carpenter
Land of the DeadGeorge A. Romero
The ManitouWilliam Girdler
Two Evil EyesGeorge A. Romero, Dario Argento