Attended by sleestakk

6 movies were watched during ERITFM


Was inspired seeing the live recording of ERITFM at Cinepocalypse and meeting the prolific and wonderful Eric Roberts. Having a ridiculous amount of screen credits yet somehow not having seen ER in that many films I decided to make a project. Plan is to watch at least one ER movie each week for a year. Kicking off with one of the films that ER said was one of his personal favorites: Paul's Case.

Movies viewed during ERITFM
Amityville Death HouseMark Polonia
Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of WitchcraftDavid DeCoteau
King of the GypsiesFrank Pierson
Paul's CaseLamont Johnson
Snow White: A Deadly SummerDavid DeCoteau
StarcrossedChase Mohseni