CIG Film Festival

Attended by sleestakk

9 movies were watched during CIG Film Festival


The Chicago International Genre Film Festival (CIG), is an international genre film festival devoted to fantasy, science fiction and horror cinema from across the globe. The CIG takes place annually every Fall in the Chicago-metro area of Illinois (Wheaton). This was the first festival held at Studio Movie Grill - Wheaton Friday thru Sunday, Dec 7-9 2018 and largely consists of short film programming with 4 feature films.

Movies viewed during CIG Film Festival
DandelionChance White
DorisHayder Hasen
The HangmanTim Sagl
Lost In ApocalypseSky Wang
MonstersSteve Desmond
Ready for a BabyAnastasia Dyakova
RootwoodMarcel Walz
SaveIván Sáinz-Pardo
Sound from the DeepAntti Laakso, Joonas Allonen