Windy City Horrorama Part II

Attended by sleestakk

8 movies were watched during Windy City Horrorama Part II


A weekend-long celebration of the DIY spirit of independent genre filmmaking. We believe the horror crowd is a special and valuable one, dedicated to mutual support, inclusion, and driven by sheer enthusiasm. From the hardworking hands that make the films, to the enthusiastic audiences that come out in droves to see them, Horrorama sets out to honor them all in a weekend of fun and frights at the newly re-opened Davis Theater in Chicago’s gorgeous Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Movies viewed during Windy City Horrorama Part II
Blood ParadisePatrick von Barkenberg
Five Course MealJames Cadden
FreaksAdam B. Stein, Zach Lipovsky
The Head HunterJordan Downey
LivescreamMichelle Iannantuono
Mutant BlastFernando Alle
The PremonitionJames Ersted
The SirenPerry Blackshear