31 Days of Horror 2019

Attended by sensoria

38 movies were watched during 31 Days of Horror 2019


It's October so that means we watch as many horror movies during the month as possible! I currently have 70 movies programmed for the month. Let's see if I get to them all.

Movies viewed during 31 Days of Horror 2019
1BRDavid Marmor
The Bird with the Crystal PlumageDario Argento
Black SundayMario Bava
Blood FeastHerschell Gordon Lewis
Body BagsTobe Hooper, John Carpenter
Daniel Isn't RealAdam Egypt Mortimer
Don't BreatheFede Alvarez
DráculaEnrique Tovar Ávalos, George Melford
EliCiarán Foy
Frankenstein Must Be DestroyedTerence Fisher
The FuriesTony D'Aquino
Girl on the Third FloorTravis Stevens
The Horrible Dr. HichcockRiccardo Freda
The Horror of FrankensteinJimmy Sangster
House of DraculaErle C. Kenton
Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf BitchPhilippe Mora
The Invisible WomanA. Edward Sutherland
Kill ListBen Wheatley
The Loved OnesSean Byrne
The NightingaleJennifer Kent
The RangerJenn Wexler
The Satanic Rites of DraculaAlan Gibson
Scars of DraculaRoy Ward Baker
The SectMichele Soavi
She Never DiedAudrey Cummings
ShevengeIzzy Lee, Kate Beacom, Staci Layne Wilson
SinisterScott Derrickson
StarfishA.T. White
The Texas Chain Saw MassacreTobe Hooper
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2Tobe Hooper
The ThingJohn Carpenter
The Thing from Another WorldChristian Nyby
VFWJoe Begos
The VoidSteven Kostanski, Jeremy Gillespie
The Wax MaskSergio Stivaletti
WoundsBabak Anvari
[REC]Paco Plaza, Jaume Balagueró
[REC]²Paco Plaza, Jaume Balagueró