Music Box of Horrors 2019

Attended by sleestakk

9 movies were watched during Music Box of Horrors 2019


24 Hours of Movie Madness! | Saturday, October 19th 12pm to Sunday, October 20th 12pm Once again, the chilling air of October signals the return of THE MUSIC BOX OF HORRORS, our annual 24-hour frightfest of the most terrifying, pulse-pounding movies you’ll ever see. Additional Films, Special Guests, and more to be announced!

Movies viewed during Music Box of Horrors 2019
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
AlligatorLewis Teague1980
Bloody Muscle Body Builder in HellShinichi Fukazawa2009
Demons 2Lamberto Bava1986
Dog SoldiersNeil Marshall2002
Event HorizonPaul W.S. Anderson1997
Let's Scare Jessica to DeathJohn D. Hancock1971
The Man Who LaughsPaul Leni1928
Office KillerCindy Sherman1997
RetributionGuy Magar1987