The TRR-TV All Night Grindhouse

Attended by sleestakk

3 movies were watched during The TRR-TV All Night Grindhouse


Jason Coffman's 12 hour all-nighter of films he typically won't program during his usual Wed/Fri primetime slots. In his own words:
Come on in, folks, and stake out your seats for an all-night marathon of wild movies we can't* show during regular broadcasting hours. Show will start at 10 p.m. Central Friday night and end around 10 a.m., capped off by a screening of the family classic CARNIVAL MAGIC for some wholesome** Saturday morning entertainment before you stumble bleary-eyed back into the daylight world. Be warned these movies may have content that would get them disqualified from standard TRR-TV shows (although there's no actual pornography), so plan your viewing accordingly. Can YOU survive the night?

Movies viewed during The TRR-TV All Night Grindhouse
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
CentrespreadTony Paterson1981
Rome, Armed to the TeethUmberto Lenzi1976
Switchblade SistersJack Hill 1975