Attended by sensoria

13 movies were watched during Agfadrome!


A 10 hour marathon on Eventive, held on Saturday, April 3, 2021. Consisting of shorts, excerpts, outtakes and feature length films from the Agfa catalog.

Movies viewed during Agfadrome!
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
Bill and CooDean Riesner1948
Boys BewareSid Davis1961
Bra ShoppingSarah Jacobson2002
Consenting Adults: A Study of HomosexualityAdam Clapham1967
Dawn of an Evil MillenniumDamon Packard1988
Drug Stories! Narcotic Nightmares and Hallucinogenic Hellrides2018
Drugs, Drinking, and Driving1971
Invasion of the Aluminum PeopleDavid Boone1980
Just in Case: Suppression of School Bus Fires1982
Recorded LiveS. S. Wilson1975
Runaway NightmareMike Cartel1982
The Secret Life: Jeffrey DahmerDavid R. Bowen1993
The Trip BackRalph Weisinger1970