Chattanooga Film Festival 2022

Attended by sleestakk

26 movies were watched during Chattanooga Film Festival 2022


It's back and it's still virtual so I'm back despite the 4x price increase from 2020. I kid. It was so underpriced in 2020 bc they were the first out of the gate. Now it's priced appropriately and I'm happy to give them my money for putting together a cool festival.

Movies viewed during Chattanooga Film Festival 2022
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
1000 DreamsMarat Sarulu2021
7 Minutes in HellJustin Reager, Shane Spiegel2022
Am I The Tub?Laura Shepard2022
ArgusEthan Barrett2021
BirdwatchingSamantha Soule2021
The Blood of the DinosaursJoe Badon2021
Chicken HouseCate Jones2022
CruiseSam Rudykoff2021
Dawn Breaks Behind the EyesKevin Kopacka2022
GatewayNiall Owens2021
Giving Birth to a ButterflyTheodore Schaefer2021
HoneycombAvalon Fast2022
The LeechEric Pennycoff2022
Mike Mignola: Drawing MonstersJim Demonakos, Kevin Konrad Hanna2022
Model OlimpiaFrederic Hambalek2020
A New Day (Brought To You By Horizon Research Systems)Nate Southard2022
Night ShiftRyan Thiessen, Greg Swinson2022
The Ones You Didn’t BurnElise Finnerty2022
Phantom ProjectRoberto Doveris2022
A Pure PlaceNikias Chryssos2021
Something in the DirtJustin Benson, Aaron Moorhead2022
The Third Saturday in OctoberJay Burleson2022
The Third Saturday in October Part VJay Burleson2022
Voyeur(s)Arthur Delaire2021
Wulver’s StaneJoseph Cornelison2021
ZeriaHarry Cleven2021