Tomorrow Romance Halloween Horror Marathon 2023

Attended by sleestakk

10 movies were watched during Tomorrow Romance Halloween Horror Marathon 2023


Jason Coffman’s annual Halloween horror movie marathon that was in person before the pandemic. It’s been an online event since 2020, which is a good thing since I can attend remotely. Here are the hints for each title. 1. Fun 1960s creature feature from south of the border 2. 1950s mystery precursor to (much) later extreme Japanese cinema 3. South American SOV werewolf movie from the 90s 4. Almost(/barely?) narrative exercise in gallo style 5. Sunny, seductive 70s bloodsucker 6. Utterly bizarre mash-up of 1970s-era regional soapy drama, TWILIGHT ZONE-esque sci-fi/horror, and way more swearing and nudity than you would expect 7. 1980s Indonesian riff on a classic slasher franchise 8. 90s Euro-slasher with a unique tech angle 9. Modern tribute to a very specific era of the gallo 10. Wild, singular action/revenge/horror hybrid

Movies viewed during Tomorrow Romance Halloween Horror Marathon 2023
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
AmerHélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani2009
BackstabbedMartin Schmidt1996
Brainiac, TheChano Urueta1962
Crystal EyesEzequiel Endelman, Leandro Montejano2017
FullmoonRicardo Islas1993
Intruder, TheDavid F. Eustace1981
Military Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty, TheKyotaro Namiki1957
SaloumJean Luc Herbulot2021
Satan's BedH. Tjut Djalil1986
Velvet Vampire, TheStephanie Rothman1971