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112/01/202012/31/202012 Days of Christmas (2020)
211/07/202011/08/2020Tomorrow Romance Halloween Horror Marathon 2020
310/30/202010/31/2020Frightening Ass Film Festival, Part 10
410/30/202010/31/2020Frightening Ass Film Fest
510/30/202010/31/2020Frightening Ass Film Fest 2020
610/21/202010/25/2020Nightmares Film Festival 2020
710/15/202010/18/2020Telluride Horror Show 2020
810/08/202010/11/2020Nightstream Film Festival 2020
910/01/202010/31/202031 Days of Horror 2020
1009/25/202010/09/2020Chicago Horror Film Festival 2020