100 Most Popular Korean Movies

A list created by sensoria

From IMDB’s list, found here: Two titles are missing since the IMDB list includes movies that are in production and not released yet (which begs the question as to how they can be in the top 100 most popular movies). The two missing are TRAIN TO BUSAN 2 and THE BATTLE OF JANGSARI.

Movies on 100 Most Popular Korean Movies List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1BurningLee Chang-dong2018
2OldboyPark Chan-wook2003
3The HandmaidenPark Chan-wook2016
4Train to BusanYeon Sang-ho2016
5The Great BattleKim Kwang-sik2018
6The WailingNa Hong-jin2016
7I Saw the DevilKim Jee-woon2010
8Memories of MurderBong Joon-ho2003
9ParasiteBong Joon-ho2019
10The Witch: Part 1. The SubversionPark Hoon-jung2018
11The HostBong Joon-ho2006
12ThirstPark Chan-wook2009
13The Spy Gone NorthYoon Jong-bin2018
14A Tale of Two SistersKim Jee-woon2003
15The VillainessJung Byung-gil2017
16The Man from NowhereLee Jeong-beom2010
17RevengerLee Seung-won2018
18RampantKim Sung-hoon2018
19The ChaserNa Hong-jin2008
20Ayla: The Daughter of WarCan Ulkay2017
21ForgottenJang Hang-jun2017
22Sympathy for Lady VengeancePark Chan-wook2005
23MotherBong Joon-ho2009
24Illang: The Wolf BrigadeKim Jee-woon2018
25V.I.P.Park Hoon-jung2017
26Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and SpringKim Ki-duk2003
27Sympathy for Mr. VengeancePark Chan-wook2002
28Extreme JobLee Byeong-heon2019
29Ode to My FatherJK Youn2014
30The VanishedLee Chang-hee2018
31My Sassy GirlKwak Jae-yong2001
32The Drug KingWoo Min-ho2018
33MonstrumHuh Jong-ho2018
34The NegotiationLee Jong-suk2018
35The Yellow SeaNa Hong-jin2010
36The Age of ShadowsKim Jee-woon2016
37SilencedHwang Dong-hyuk2011
38The Good, The Bad, The WeirdKim Jee-woon2008
39Miss BaekLee Ji-Won2018
403-IronKim Ki-duk2004
41A Bittersweet LifeKim Jee-woon2005
42Steel RainYang Woo-seok2017
43New WorldPark Hoon-jung2013
44UnstoppableKim Min-ho2018
45PsychokinesisYeon Sang-ho2018
46PandoraPark Jung-woo2016
47AlwaysSong Il-gon2011
48GrassHong Sang-soo2018
491987: When the Day ComesJang Joon-hwan2017
50The HousemaidIm Sang-soo2010
51A Taxi DriverJang Hoon2017
52High SocietyByun Hyuk2018
53Operation ChromiteJohn H. Lee2016
54Along with the Gods: The Two WorldsKim Yong-hwa2017
55MicrohabitatJeon Go-woon2018
56Gonjiam: Haunted AsylumJung Bum-shik2018
57Intimate StrangersJQ Lee2018
58Joint Security AreaPark Chan-wook2000
59A Memoir of a MurdererWon Shin-yeon2017
60Bad GuyKim Ki-duk2001
61Take PointKim Byung-woo2018
62The OutlawsKang Yun-sung2017
63BelieverLee Hae-young2018
64Be with YouLee Jang-hoon2018
65Tidal WaveJK Youn2009
66Door LockLee Kwon2018
67Little ForestYim Soon-rye2018
68The Battleship IslandRyoo Seung-wan2017
69Miracle in Cell No. 7Lee Hwan-kyung2013
70MoneyPark Noo-ri2019
71Confession of MurderJung Byung-gil2012
72The Dude in MeKang Hyo-jin2019
73The TreacherousMin Kyu-dong2015
74Along with the Gods: The Last 49 DaysKim Yong-hwa2018
75Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of WarKang Je-gyu2004
76House of HummingbirdKim Bo-ra2019
77The Beauty InsideBaek Jong-yeol2015
78Dark Figure of CrimeKim Tae-gyoon2018
79Secret SunshineLee Chang-dong2007
80Swing KidsKang Hyoung-chul2018
81PoetryLee Chang-dong2010
82No Tears for the DeadLee Jeong-beom2014
83I'm a Cyborg, But That's OKPark Chan-wook2006
84OasisLee Chang-dong2002
85The ThievesChoi Dong-hoon2012
86BedevilledJang Cheol-soo2010
87Seoul StationYeon Sang-ho2016
88The ClassicKwak Jae-yong2003
89A Hard DayKim Seong-hun2014
90Cold EyesCho Ui-seok, Kim Byung-seo2013
91On Your Wedding DayLee Seok-geun2018
92MisbehaviorKim Tae-yong2017
93Never ForeverGina Kim2007
94ObsessedKim Dae-woo2014
95HopeLee Joon-ik2013
96The SuspectWon Shin-yeon2013
97Midnight RunnersKim Joo-hwan2017
98200 Pounds BeautyKim Yong-hwa2006