Nightmares Film Festival 2019

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List of features scheduled to screen at Nightmares. Seven features still need to be added to TMDb. ~sigh~

Press badge confirmed so it looks like I’m attending!

Nightmares Film Festival returns to Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio for its fourth year. The festival will run from Wednesday, October 24th through Sunday, October 27th and this year’s lineup is comprised of 24 features and over 150 horror, thriller, midnight, and horror-comedy shorts. The programming roster includes, but is not limited to new efforts from the likes of Fangoria, Hammer, IFC Midnight, and SpectreVision.

Movies on Nightmares Film Festival 2019 List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1SwallowCarlo Mirabella-Davis2019
2Daniel Isn't RealAdam Egypt Mortimer2019
3VFWJoe Begos2019
4NekromantikJörg Buttgereit1987
5The LodgeVeronika Franz, Severin Fiala2019
61BRDavid Marmor2019
7AntrumMichael Laicini, David Amito2019
8Blood MachinesSavitri Joly-Gonfard, Raphaël Hernandez2019
9She Never DiedAudrey Cummings2019
10Girl on the Third FloorTravis Stevens2019
11Eat Brains LoveRodman Flender2019
12Ghost Killers VS. Bloody MaryFabrício Bittar2018
13Lake Michigan MonsterRyland Brickson Cole Tews2018
14Making MonstersJustin Harding, Rob Brunner2019
15Slaughterhouse Slumber PartyDustin Mills2019
16To Your Last DeathJason Axinn2019
17ZBrandon Christensen2019