24 Hour Horror Movie Mind Melter 2021

A list created by sleestakk

Justin Decloux presents his second annual 24 Hour Horror Movie Mind Melter. I missed the one last year bc I was actually here in Colorado looking for an apartment and staying with Tonia & Ron taking in back-to-back virtual film festivals.

Same as last year this is a mystery marathon with very vague clues hinting at the title. Sadly I won’t be able to participate in the entire marathon due to other viewing conflicts this year. Managed to see eight of the titles and bowed out before the kiddie cartoon hour at 6:30am or so.

*Note: Puppet Master 4 & 5 are included but it was really one movie, a fan edit by Justin that mashed up these two. I skipped that slot.

Movies on 24 Hour Horror Movie Mind Melter 2021 List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1Cast a Deadly SpellMartin Campbell1991
2We're Going to Eat YouTsui Hark1980
3Cute DevilNobuhiko Ōbayashi1982
4Tiktik: The Aswang ChroniclesErik Matti2012
5Puppet Master 4Jeff Burr1993
6Puppet Master 5: The Final ChapterJeff Burr1994
7PizzaKarthik Subbaraj2012
8Haunted SchoolHideyuki Hirayama1995
9Halloween PartyDave Skowronski1989
10RaptureIván Zulueta1980
11Hell's HighwayJeff Leroy2002
12ScreamplayRufus Butler Seder1985
13In the DarkClifton Holmes2000
14DisembodiedWilliam Kersten1998
15Garfield's Halloween AdventurePhil Roman1985
16Cemetery ManMichele Soavi1994
17Monster Squad, TheFred Dekker1987