Jay’s Top Ten Films of 2021

A list created by sleestakk

After viewing West Side Story I thought I should start working on this list. Throwing titles in here unranked for now just to get an idea of my favorites released in 2021. I will finalize in January. :)

Movies on Jay’s Top Ten Films of 2021 List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1TitaneJulia Ducournau2021
2DuneDenis Villeneuve2021
3LambValdimar Jóhannsson2021
4PigMichael Sarnoski2021
5CensorPrano Bailey-Bond2021
6SeanceSimon Barrett2021
7NobodyIlya Naishuller2021
8AnnetteLeos Carax2021
9CruellaCraig Gillespie2021
10MalignantJames Wan2021