24 Hour Summer Movie Mind Melter

A list created by sleestakk

The June 2022 movie marathon programmed by Justin Decloux from Golden Ninja Video. Always some crazy and weird treats to be had in this marathon. It started at noon eastern time on June 25 ending 24 hours later. Here are the films that were show, in order. Awesome!

Movies on 24 Hour Summer Movie Mind Melter List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1Mercenaries from Hong KongWong Jing1982
2Lucky LukeJames Huth2009
3PayrollSidney Hayers1961
4Sivaji: The BossS. Shankar2007
5ChampionKim Yong-wan2018
6Golden SlumberYoshihiro Nakamura2010
7Heroic Fight, AChiu Chung-Hing1986
8Resurrection of the Little Match GirlJang Sun-woo2002
9Korean From Seoul, TheSteven Whatmough2021
10Lupin the Third: Episode 0: First ContactMinoru Ohara2002
11National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1Gene Quintano1993
12U.S. Seals II: The Ultimate ForceIsaac Florentine2001
13Demolition ManMarco Brambilla1993