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Tiger Cage 3 (1991)

Directed by Yuen Woo-ping

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Earnest cop James works for the Commercial Crime Bureau and is keeping a sharp eye on slick business man Lee Siu-pong. When his business endeavours garner the attention of an enterprising extortionist, Lee has the blackmailer killed. Fearing that the incriminating document has fallen into the hands of James, Lee does the only thing that a red-blooded criminal might—he kidnaps the cop’s girlfriend Suki. When James gives chase, he finds himself horribly burned in an explosion detonated by Lee. After months of painful recovery, James dons a silver mask and sets out for bloody, gut-wrenching vengeance. Meanwhile, Suki, who has become Lee’s unwilling mistress, plots for the thug’s gory demise as well.

Length 93 minutes


Michael Wong | Lau Shun | Sze Mei-Yee | Sharla Cheung Man | Wong Kam-Kong | Wu Fung | Cheung Kwok-Leung | Michael Dinga | John Cheung Ng-Long | Ridley Tsui | Carol Tam Suk-Mui | Lau Fai