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The Supreme Swordsman (1984)

Directed by Keith Li

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A rampaging swordsman slices and dices his way across China on a bloody mission to cut down every warrior in his way, and claim the blade of the legendary Supreme Swordsman in this Shaw Brothers classic starring Derek Yee and Jason Pai Piao, and directed by Keith Li Baak Ling. But when the son of a slain sword maker emerges as an unexpected challenger, the ruthless killer realizes that he may have finally met his match.

Length 95 minutes


Derek Yee Tung-Sing | Jason Pai Piao | Ku Feng | Yuen Wah | Wong Yung | Margaret Lee | Lee Hoi-Sang | Kwan Fung | Jamie Luk Kim-Ming | Austin Wai | Pei Chi Huang | Lung Tien-Hsiang | Cheng Miu | Wong Lik | Shum Lo | Yuen Bun | Chan Siu-Kai | Ming Fung