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Average Rating: 6/10

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Agatha Christie's Seven Dials Mystery (1981)

Directed by Tony Wharmby

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When two mysterious deaths mar an otherwise pleasant weekend in the English countryside, unflappable flapper Lady Eileen Brent teams up with the dashing Jimmy Thesinger to solve the dastardly deeds. Their sleuthing leads them into a world of espionage and international intrigue as they discover a secret society known as “The Seven Dials” and the attempted theft of top-secret government documents.

Rated NR | Length 133 minutes


John Gielgud | Cheryl Campbell | Rula Lenska | Lynne Ross | James Warwick | Harry Andrews | Joyce Redman | Lucy Gutteridge | Terence Alexander | Brian Wilde | Sarah Crowden | Leslie Sands | Christopher Scoular | James Griffiths | Hetty Baynes | Robert Longden | John Vine