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The Vatican Tapes (2015)

Directed by Mark Neveldine

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In a highly secured vault deep within the walls of Vatican City, the Catholic Church holds thousands of old films and video footage documenting exorcisms/supposed exorcisms and other unexplained religious phenomena they feel the world is not ready to see. This is the first tape - Case 83-G - stolen from these archives and exposed to the public by an anonymous source.

Rated R | Length 91 minutes


Michael Peña | Djimon Hounsou | Alison Lohman | Dougray Scott | Peter Andersson | Kathleen Robertson | John Patrick Amedori | Cas Anvar | Michael Paré | Olivia Taylor Dudley | Alexey Vorobyov | Ann Reilly | Pope Francis | Noemi Gonzalez | Ashley Gibson | Montanna Gillis | Amie Enriquez