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Evil Cat (1987)

Directed by Dennis Yu

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Every 50 years a cat demon has to be killed by a Cheung family member until the body-hopping feline demon’s 9 lives are up. This time it falls on the shoulders of Master Cheung (Chia-Liang Liu). He is afraid of cancer killing him before he can stop the demonic force, so when Long (Mark Cheng) comes to him after his boss (Staurt Ong) gets possessed, he tries teaching him his family’s Mao Shan magic hoping to pass it onto him since Cheung’s bloodline stops with himself.

Length 91 minutes


So Hon-Sang | Yiu Fung-Si | Teresa Ha Ping | Poon Jan-Wai | Stuart Ong | Chui Suk-Woon | Wong Jing | Mark Cheng | Joann Tang | Liu Chia-Liang