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7 Golden Women Against Two 07 (1966)

Directed by Vincenzo Cascino

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Mark Davis, secret agent No. 07, is after a Nazi treasure hidden somewhere in the Mediterranean waters before the end of WW2. The key to the secret location is hidden in a Goya painting. Mark attends an art auction just in time to see the painting being bought by a lovely young woman. But soon he will discover that there are six other replicas of the painting - each in the possession of a girl, and as many international spies, art dealers, and com men behind the ladies. Mark is already an expert with young women, and now he must become one in art fakes as well.

Length 90 minutes


Luciana Paolicelli | Rossella Bergamonti | Geoffrey Copleston | Mickey Hargitay | Corinne Fontaine | Vincenzo Cascino | Maria Vincent | Nestore Cavaricci | Maruska Rossetti | John Loodmere | Padrica Mendez | Paola Mariani | Guido Marinelli