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Sheriff of Redwood Valley (1946)

Directed by R.G. Springsteen


Redwood Valley residents raise $50,000 for blasting a mountain tunnel to bring a new railroad there. Town leader Bidwell engineers a plot to steal the money and to blame it on the Reno Kid (Bob Steele) who has recently broken out of prison in order to clear himself of false charges that sent him there and caused him to lose his ranch. The badly-wounded sheriff turns his badge over to Red Ryder. Reno visits his wife, Molly and their ailing son Johnny, and Red, also wounded, is brought there by Little Beaver. There, Red begins to believe Reno’s story about being innocent.  Written by Les Adams

Length 54 minutes


Frank McCarroll | Budd Buster | Tom Chatterton | John Wayne Wright | Bud Geary | Kenne Duncan | Tom London | James Craven | Arthur Loft | Peggy Stewart | Alice Fleming | Bob Steele | Robert Blake | Bill Elliott