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Battle for the Lost Planet (1986)

Directed by Brett Piper

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To escape his captors an industrial spy hijacks a space shuttle only to find the controls malfunctioning. Catapulting through outerspace, he sights alien battleships approaching earth.  Many years later when the arc of his flight path returns him to earth, he discovers the planet is completely under alien domination, totally devastated by thermo-nuclear battles.  Desperate and alone, he searches for any human existence. Finding a group of survivors, together they fight the aliens to save mankind.

Length 91 minutes


Matt Mitler | Mark Deshaies | Denise Coward | Joe Gentissi | Bill MacGlaughlin | Saunder Finard | Helene Michele Martin | Robin Lovett | Carl Webber | Kevin Gardner | Robert Hurley | Doug Boisvert | Mike Roy | Peter Roy | David Burton