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Average Rating: 6.5/10

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How the Toys Saved Christmas (1996)

Directed by Enzo D'Alò

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When Santa’s helper La Befana falls ill and must take off a Christmas Eve, she recruits Scarafoni to help deliver all the toys. No one but the toys knows is that Scarafoni plans to auction off the toys to the highest bidder, which means the toys won’t make it to the children who have been good all year and deserve them. The toys decide to deliver themselves, and the story follows them as they struggle to avoid the heartless Scarafoni and to find their true homes.

Length 92 minutes


Lella Costa | Dario Fo | Alida Milana | Luigi Ferraro | Alessio De Filippis | Laura Cosenza | Monica Bertolotti | Roberto CertomĂ  | Elena Perino | Marco Bresciani