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Coup de Torchon (1981)

Directed by Bertrand Tavernier

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In 1938 in the french West Africa, Lucien Cordier is a weak and corrupted policeman despised by the local bad boys. His wife is openly cheating on him and he hasn’t got any self-respect anymore. But when comes the occasion, his revenge will be terrible.

Length 128 minutes


Philippe Noiret | Isabelle Huppert | Jean-Pierre Marielle | Stéphane Audran | Eddy Mitchell | Guy Marchand | Irène Skobline | Michel Beaune | Jean Champion | Victor Garrivier | Gérard Hernandez | Abdoulaye Diop | Daniel Langlet | François Perrot | Samba Mané | Raymond Hermantier | Mamadou Dioumé | Irénée Martin | Max Ernst | Paul Grimault