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Umberto D. (1952)

Directed by Vittorio De Sica

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When elderly pensioner Umberto Domenico Ferrari returns to his boarding house from a protest calling for a hike in old-age pensions, his landlady demands her 15,000-lire rent by the end of the month or he and his small dog will be turned out onto the street. Unable to get the money in time, Umberto fakes illness to get sent to a hospital, giving his beloved dog to the landlady’s pregnant and abandoned maid for temporary safekeeping.

Length 91 minutes


Carlo Battisti | Maria Pia Casilio | Lina Gennari | Elena Rea | Memmo Carotenuto | Ileana Simova | Alberto Albani Barbieri | Lamberto Maggiorani | De Silva | Pasquale Campagnola | Riccardo Ferri