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Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974)

Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

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Emmi Kurowski, a cleaning lady, is lonely in her old age. Her husband died years ago, and her grown children offer little companionship. One night she goes to a bar frequented by Arab immigrants and strikes up a friendship with middle-aged mechanic Ali. Their relationship soon develops into something more, and Emmi’s family and neighbors criticize their spontaneous marriage. Soon Emmi and Ali are forced to confront their own insecurities about their future.

Length 93 minutes


Brigitte Mira | El Hedi ben Salem | Irm Hermann | Barbara Valentin | Elma Karlowa | Anita Bucher | Gusti Kreissl | Doris Mattes | Margit Symo | Katharina Herberg | Lilo Pempeit | Walter Sedlmayr | Rainer Werner Fassbinder | Karl Scheydt | Peter Gauhe | Marquard Bohm | Hark Bohm | Kurt Raab