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Studio (2007)

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Three FBI agents are sent to Los Angeles to investigate the murder of Hip Hop star Elliott Jones. While investigating the murder, they uncover a web of corruption, deceit and greed as one by one, they are drawn deeper into imminent danger and we see what happens when Lyrics become deadly. The question remains, who killed Elliott Jones? An intelligent look into the current state of Hip Hop culture, which is plagued by violence and corruption. Studio: An adjective that means fake gangster or one who pretends to be a gangster on records, but in reality is not. Short for ” Studio Gangster”.

Length 102 minutes


Karimah Westbrook | Geonard Butler | James Jones | Dionne Gipson | Demetrius Grosse | Dawued Saleh | Michael Bell Jr. | Michael Bell Sr. | Sylver | Farelle Walker | Chevez Frazier | Khalilah Joi | Elliott Grey | Jodi Gulett | Shea Scott Edwards | Lorenzo Hunt | Hari Williams | Kevin Williamson