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Average Rating: 7/10

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Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die (2015)

Directed by Scott Smith

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When Henry is invited as a guest speaker at a luxury resort spa, he quickly finds himself at the center of another murder. With Maggie at his side, our favorite duo must not only find the killer but be careful they don’t become his latest victim.

Length 84 minutes


Dylan Neal | Brooke Burns | Steve Valentine | Matthew Kevin Anderson | Marc Senior | Alissa Skovbye | Samantha Ferris | Shannon Chan-Kent | Patrick Sabongui | Crystal Lowe | Stefanie von Pfetten | Christine Willes | Brenda Crichlow | Devon Weigel | Dean Marshall | Lisa Marie DiGiacinto | Brendan Penny | Stephen Ogden | Mayumi Yoshida | Michael Ian Farrell | Chelsea de Puyjalon