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Average Rating: 6.5/10

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Texasville (1990)

Directed by Peter Bogdanovich

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Summer, 1984: 30 years after Duane captained the high school football team and Jacy was homecoming queen, this Texas town near Wichita Falls prepares for its centennial. Oil prices are down, banks are failing, and Duane’s $12 million in debt. His wife Karla drinks too much, his children are always in trouble, and he tom-cats around with the wives of friends. Jacy’s back in town, after a mildly successful acting career, life in Italy, and the death of her son. Folks assume Duane and Jacy will resume their high school romance. And Sonny is “tired in his mind,” causing worries for his safety. Can these friends find equilibrium in middle age?

Rated R | Length 123 minutes


Jeff Bridges | Cybill Shepherd | Annie Potts | Randy Quaid | Cloris Leachman | Timothy Bottoms | William McNamara | Eileen Brennan | Angie Bolling | Meri Beth Moore | Sharon Ullrick | Adam Englund | Lou Toft | P.J. Johnson | Gordon Hurst | Leah Anne Worofra | Gena Sleete | Leiland Jaynes | Barc Doyle | Jim Bob Crowley | James N. Harrell | Ella Marie Morris | Mikala Parrack | Harvey Christiansen | Pearl Jones | Loyd Catlett | Jimmy Howell | Romi Snyder | Kay Pering | Allison Marich | Katherine Bongfeldt | Earl Poole Ball | Su Hyatt | Ty Chambers | Carlye Berre | Jolene Berre | Leon Gibbs | Ryan Phillips