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The Killing Bottle (1967)

Directed by Senkichi Taniguchi

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In Hong Kong an International Secret Police (ISP) Agent is murdered while investigating ZZZ, a group bent on assassinating the Prime Minister of Buddhabal. ISP Agents Carter and Kitami are assigned to the case. When the Prime Minister arrives in Tokyo for a friendship visit, Carter and Kitami are on hand to protect him. On hand, too, are assorted ZZZ blackguards. Several attempts on the Prime Minister’s life fail, until finally the ZZZ introduces a new device designed to eliminate not only the Prime Minister but the ISP Agents as well: THE KILLING BOTTLE, then, is a pocket-sized container filled with a substance that can expand to thousands of times its size and throttle its victim, then disappear leaving only the corpse.

Length 93 minutes


Nick Adams | Tatsuya Mihashi | Yoshio Tsuchiya | Jun Tazaki | Kumi Mizuno | Akihiko Hirata | Annu Mari | Sachio Sakai | Tetsu Nakamura | Makoto Satō | Ryuji Kita | Hideyo Amamoto | Kazuo Yokoyama | Tetsuo Hasegawa